3 Tips for Utilizing Email and Text Sign-ups to Reach Customers

Don’t annoy your customers, convert them by utilizing these 3 tips for email and text sign-ups.


utilizing text and email

Email and text subscriptions are an easy and fast way to reach your consumers.

According to Fox Business, 97% of text messages are opened within minutes of being sent.

The Huffington Post has also found that workers in the U.S. are spending an average of 6.3 hours a day checking their emails.

Therefore, as a brand, communicating with your customers via email and text message can be a successful way to reach them and drive them to more conversions, especially during the holiday season. However, it can also get annoying for consumers to receive frequent and irrelevant messages, which means it’s important to utilize this marketing method in a smart and efficient manner.

Check out these three ways you can do just that:

1. Target your Messages

Probably one of the most important lessons to consider when contacting email and text subscribers is ensuring that the information you’re sending the customer is relevant to them. If you’re smart enough as a company to build up subscribers throughout the year, try segmenting these sign-ups into different groups. You could split them according to age, interests, previous purchases or gender, depending on the style of your product. Cabela’s does this very efficiently by offering customer-specific promotions online and urging them to send a text if they are interested as a way of capturing more specific subscribers.

Once your audience is segmented and you create a message to send, you can easily include the groups that would find this information most interesting. As a female consumer, it would be quite irritating to constantly receive promotional messages about men’s clothing, for example. This frustration can lead to negative brand image among audiences.

2. Be Creative

While text and email subscriptions are most traditionally seen as ways of circulating coupons for fast discounts, don’t ignore their other potential. Due to the reach and speed of the outlets, try and use them to let your customers know more information about the company or to encourage them to engage in the brand. For example, you could message them and encourage them to take part in a brand competition, link them to interesting blog posts on your website or even make up scavenger hunt clues to drive people in-store. You could also include a funny joke to lighten the mood and convey some brand personality.

3. Timing Is Key

Elemental to most marketing endeavors is timing — when is the best time to communicate with the customer to ensure maximum sales and engagement? During the holiday season especially, people are frantically trying to find presents, food and household items that a well-timed text message could be the deciding factor on whether they are going to purchase. To drive more sales in-store for example, you could offer coupon codes via text message by placing the number next to particular items. Furthermore, placing a time constraint on some of the discounts you offer via email and text can yield much higher sales numbers; it’s only a matter of simply including an “Expires on…” at the end of the message to lead customers to make the conversion sooner than later.

Email and text subscriptions are a fast and widespread method of marketing, and can drive quite a high quantity of sales if approached correctly. Try following these quick tips to make use of this platform more efficiently and reap the true benefits of fast and high-volume sales.