3 Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your e-Commerce Business

If you want to boost your e-commerce business, try these 3 essential digital marketing tips that will improve conversions and build a customer base.

3 Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your e-Commerce Business

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Maintaining an e-commerce business, as well as attracting customers, takes a lot of effort. To make your e-commerce business a revenue generator, you need to refine your website and your digital marketing.

If you’re not familiar with digital marketing, it’s time to get your toes wet. There are a lot of different channels, tools and tactics that make digital marketing your e-commerce business a bit overwhelming.

Don’t worry! 

In this post we’re going to take a look at 3 powerful and essential tips to boost conversions and create a loyal customer base. 

You don’t have to do everything all at once, but if you’re ready to start boosting sales, these 3 e-commerce tips are a great place to start your digital marketing.

1. Improve Email Campaigns

The way you approach your audience using emails is as valuable as the way you communicate with customers on social media, phone calls, or other platforms. Email promotions are a key component to boost your sales and there are some improvements that must be made for this marketing method.

For example: 


Give advice and relevant information:
Maintaining the customers’ attention without overloading them with any information they’re not interested in, helps a great deal towards building credibility. Therefore, provide your customers with relevant information that grabs their attention and keeps the brand at the forefront of people’s minds. 

Request feedback:
Asking customers for feedback is a great way to learn what they think about your brand and products. However, keep in mind to ask for feedback first rather than reviews since it’s less intimidating and it shows the customers that you care about their experiences and opinions. 

Remind customers of wishlists:
Reminding your customers about discounts, low stock alerts, will keep them involved. The wishlist provides you with easy access to customers’ desired products which you can use for your business’ benefit.


Here are some additional resources to help you refine your email game;


2. Create Advertising Videos – LED Display 

Videos are prioritized by social media sites over any other type of advertising and help businesses gain greater credibility rather than using traditional advertisements. Video ads also outperform other categories of marketing in terms of interest and hours invested. 


Customers are more likely to watch a video than spend time reading about a product and even look at an image.

According to Omnicore, 20 percent of people will read about an advertised product whereas, 80 percent of people will remember a video that they saw a month ago.


Additionally, using LED and LCD screens can help in advertising your products through images or videos. Their displays are excellent for both indoor and outdoor advertisements and will grab the customers’ eye wherever you put them. LED and LCD screens are adaptable and come in a variety of sizes to best suit your budget expenses and marketing needs. While this marketing method of using LED screens may seem to be more costly in comparison to other marketing tools, you can expect to achieve a lot of recognition with it. 


Not sure where to start with video? Take a look at these resources:


3. Adopt Personalization

Personalization is the act of staying informed about your customer’s wishes and needs in order to target the right audience.

You’ll have a bigger chance of growing your business if you develop a positive relationship with customers, therefore, making them feel heard and encouraged to invest in your products. 


Customers appreciate personalized product recommendations and don’t mind sharing data to receive these suggestions. They have come to expect such personalized services and tend to be attracted to stores that offer them. Personalization is a good marketing strategy because according to Hubspot, 74 percent of online users are irritated by websites that provide products that have little to do with their interests.


More on Personalization:




Running an e-commerce business will have its ups and downs but following the tips above and properly putting them to use will increase your chances of success.