26-Must Know Ecommerce Stats to Improve Conversions

Operating in the ecommerce industry today means closing sales and delivering products quickly — to do so you need to know these Ecommerce Stats.

26 must know ecommerce stats

As technology continues to advance, the expectations of consumers also continue to get higher. In terms of ecommerce industry, this only means one thing, the time it takes to deliver products to the buyer must shorten. Consumers would like to have their products in hand as quickly as possible once purchased. As a result, these factors are forcing the ecommerce industry to constantly adapt and create innovative ways to keep their consumers happy when spending their hard-earned money. Instant gratification is changing various aspects of our lives, and the ecommerce industry and retailers are doing their best to accommodate to consumers needs.

Due to the fact that our world is becoming more digitized every day, our ability to purchase goods on a whim is becoming much easier. Now with a simple press of a button and the use of facial recognition technology we can order goods from all over the world and be shipped to our doorstep within a few days and in some cases the very same day.

Believe it or not, recent research suggests that 88% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day shipping and by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made online.

Taking the time to better understand consumers purchasing behaviors will only help retailers in the long run. Using this readily available data will allow these retailers to make more informed business decisions that will not only give these retailers a competitive advantage but also enhance the customers buying experience as well.

Now that customers prefer to purchase products online, your business should start revamping its ecommerce landscape in order to sustain, retain, and attract new customers. The ecommerce industry is stronger than ever and it continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Below you can find an infographic created by Wikibuy that covers the 26 need-to-know facts for online shopping in 2019. Use this to help you navigate and enhance the online shopping experience for your brand.


26 Researched-Backed Stats To Optimize Ecommerce