25 Tips Shared by Experts on Promoting Your Business

Ever wonder what real C-Level Execs are doing for their businesses? Here are 25 tips shared by experts on Promoting Your Business.

Promoting Your Business


Promoting your business is a necessary means in order to compete with other players in the space. If there was no competition, no business would need to run promotions – but there is always competition.

Setting your business apart from the rest through promotions will help get you the greatest return on your investment while boosting your brand awareness. That being said, do you ever wonder what real business managers are doing to promote their businesses successfully? Sure you do! That’s exactly why we’ve reached out to dozens of successful C-suite managers to find out what tactics they’ve found most successful. If you’re looking for real-world tips on promoting your business — keep reading!

Here are 25 of the best tips on promoting your business straight from the sources. 

1. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business, especially with a lot of work being done online now. It allows businesses opportunities to reach out to their subscribers and let them know the updates that are taking place within their company. Email marketing cultivates relationships with prospects, allowing the business to form personal bonds between them and their users. It is important to grow an engaged email list, design templates that show the businesses personal side, and develop a brand awareness. Going the extra step is always a plus too such as creating a newsletter, sending promotional emails, and generating win-back campaigns.


2. Utilize Google 

“One of the first places a person will go to find a product or service is Google. This makes it a powerful way to promote your business. Search engine Optimization or SEO helps Google understand the content on your page, which helps target audiences find your site. Directing digital marketing efforts at SEO to promote your business will help increase brand awareness, customer, and user experience, and in turn, increase revenue and profits. When a potential customer is searching for a product or service your company provides, you want to ensure they can find you. This strategy has the potential to make a huge impact on your company’s most important goals without spending a ton of money on promoting your business.” 


3. Start a TikTok

“Using TikTok to promote your business is a fun and creative way to develop your company’s social media presence and drive growth. This free form of advertising can also build brand awareness among your target demographic. With over 1 billion users, going viral is easier than it’s ever been. You can create content that entertains, educates, and inspires viewers that can help take your business to the next level.”


4. Social Media Marketing


“One of the major efforts we used to promote our business was social media. A key part to successfully promoting your business through social media is knowing your customer. When you see responses to your social media posts, it’s important that you do the research to find out what similar characteristics these users have. This helps to nail down your target audience so that you can cater posts towards that group and research keywords that are relevant to that market. The use of social media complements traditional marketing efforts, while also bringing you new viewers that can become customers. “


  • Brandon Brown, Founder at GRIN


5. Take to the Streets

“If your business is in an urban environment, you have an opportunity for some fun and creative ways to market it. If available, find a well-known building with a blank wall, invest in a local artist, and have them paint a mural for your business. Who doesn’t love some good, local street art? Think old school, such as posting flyers at local coffee shops and around town, or even find your inner-child and have some fun with sidewalk chalk. Or, think new school, most cities nowadays have scooters or bikes available to the public to rent and ride around in. Consider paying for an ad placement on these, as they’ll be seen all around town.”


  •  Himanshu Agarwal, SVP of Solutions at WorkBoard.

6. Create A Business Blog


“It is going to take some extra work, but creating content is essential in promoting a business. Especially with how technologically driven the business world is today, having a lot of content that can boost your business’s SEO is extremely important. By creating a business blog and adding quality content to the blog, businesses can find themselves ranking higher in search engines which can ultimately lead to more customers.”


  • Chris Hunter, Director of Customer Relations for ServiceTitan


7. #CreateAFunContest

“Utilize what people these days love, social media & free stuff. Create a contest or product giveaway that your potential customers can participate in. Be sure to share the contest on any and all forms of social media and consider posting the giveaway on online deal sites. Make the contest fun and engaging with a hashtag! Not only does this add a bit of excitement to it, but it gives you a way to track and view all the entries. Pro tip; give people the option of gaining “extra points” for sharing the contest with others. Not only does this get them more engaged, but it’s also a way to gain free promotion for your contest.“


  •  Kate Lipman, Sales & Marketing Consultant at embrace.


8. Respond To Your Reviews


“Monitoring where people are reviewing your product will allow you to respond to many of the reviews that are written. Responding to reviews is a solid way of promoting your business and by doing so you may be able to even reverse some negative reviews in the process. This is a very easy way to get some free promotion for your business, just be nice and interact with your community.”



9. Vlogging


“It’s been around but recently it’s really become a way to connect with people on a real and human basis, with no flaws taken out. These videos can be informational, published daily or weekly, and can help you grow your following substantially. It can be used in a number of ways; such as building your personal brand, establishing yourself as an authority in your industry, interacting with your customers, or offering valuable Q&As on popular topics that can help build a loyal following.”


  • Daniel Kane, Founder at Ridge


10. Utilize those already talking about your company


“If you’ve been around for a minute, chances are you already have people talking about your company. Find those sites, agencies, stories all mentioning your business and use them to your advantage! If you have something exciting coming up, like a new product launch, new program, or your company is growing, reach out to those people talking about you! If they’ve talked about you before, they’ll likely consider doing it again! If you have something interesting worth promoting those websites are going to want to be the first to talk about it, which means potentially free press and promotion for your company!” 



11. Community Engagement


“Engaging with your community is one of the best ways for promoting your business! Whether it be pop-up shops, sponsorships of a local school or athletic team, or offering discounts to your community, these will all build brand awareness in the community. Even if you have a large business, you can still engage on a bigger scale by replying to followers on social media or having giveaways.”


  •  Jonathan Finegold, Sr. eCommerce Manager at MedCline


12. Creating a Referral Program


Creating a referral program will increase your customer base, especially if you already have a loyal, strong following! Offering an attractive incentive if a customer refers to someone else will create excitement around your business and multiply your following. To optimize your program, it is important to create a page on your site around it and promote this with paid ads and organic SEO, as well as word of mouth marketing.


  • Brooke Wilson, Community Outreach Manager at Fabric


13. Create an Outdoor Promotion


“Taking advantage of outdoor advertising such as using a billboard ad can be an effective & creative way of getting your company out to the public. One of the main factors of having a successful outdoor promotion is placement of your advertisement as you’ll want it to be seen by many people in the most convenient view possible. Using an outdoor advertisement compared to a print advertisement can leave an impact on your potential customers, especially those who will pass by the billboard frequently, so make sure to stand out from your competitors & add creativity to your promotion.”



14. Interact with Charities


“One unique way of promoting your business is to interact with charities. Especially with the holiday season quickly approaching, this is a great time to be even more interactive. Some fun ways to team up with charities can be hosting a local donation drive, toy drop-off, bake sale, car wash, or more. Teaming up with a charity will help you find a new reach of consumers and it will help you gain trust and credibility within your local community. Many consumers value a company that is trustworthy and ethical. Furthermore, having your business and even recurring customers help with charitable events will lead to a strong foundational relationship between you, your business, charities, and the community.”


  • Aaron McWilliams, Director of Marketing at 1Dental


15. Engage Your Audience On and Offline! 


“An incredibly simple, yet important component of any business, that most tend to forget, is engagement with your audience! Customers, followers, and clients love to be acknowledged in any way, shape, or form from the company they support. Engagement online and at events can not only strengthen your connections with your current audience but will also grow your following as you get shared online more, talked about more through word-of-mouth, and more good reviews will appear on all forms of media!”



16. Utilize Your Local Press 

“Pitch your business to your local press and ask to contribute an article. This could be about an update to your business, a thought leadership piece, or just a simple list of resources. You could also pitch a contest or event your business is putting on or invite a local reporter to come to the event and do a recap of it. Local press can easily be overlooked, especially with all the new-age ways to market your business, but there are multiple ways in which it can benefit your business. Engagement from your local community should increase with a piece in the local paper or news, and if the story is fascinating enough, there’s the chance you could have someone publish a featured write-up.”


  •  Brandon Hulme, Product Management Lead at Deputy

17. Network Through LinkedIn 

“Many people have LinkedIn accounts for their own personal use, or even have business pages, but they may not be taking full advantage of the platform’s benefits. Through LinkedIn, you can post promotional pieces, videos, quotes, polls and host events. When it comes to promoting your business, this is the best platform to utilize. If you post engaging content that people are enjoying, it’ll automatically be shared to your network, their network, and anyone else’s network who interacts with your piece. LinkedIn is a free way to focus on promoting your business, and building genuine connections in the process.”


18. Start a Podcast

“Create an open dialogue with your target audience through creating a podcast. Through podcasting, your community will get to your authentic self, and be more inclined to support your business. Podcasting is a great way to engage with your audience, incorporate their ideas in your work and create a relationship. Relationship building is one of the best ways to have your audience support you, because they will be in it for the long haul. Podcasting is a free way for you to interact with potential customers in a non-salesy way, but also promoting your business in a unique way that will set you apart.”


  • Jason Brandt Customer Success Director at Podopolo

19. Word of Mouth

“We’ve all heard the saying “closed mouths don’t get fed”. It’s 100% accurate. If you have a business you have to let people know about it. Whether it’s through word of mouth or using social media, you have to let people know about it. How could you expect your business to grow if you don’t promote it? It won’t happen. If you want your business to grow and make money, you have to get out there and let people know that it is open for business.” 


20. Make Your Mission Statement Known

“It is important that your target audience knows what your mission statement is. Now more than ever we are seeing the trend of conscious consumerism rise. Customers are becoming more aware of the ethics and why statements that drive their favorite corporations, which they are happy to support. For example, at Community Tax we aim to make tax jargon more understandable by offering free resources on our website while also helping our customers with their taxes. We even have a page on our website dedicated to our mission statement.”


21. Foster Communication

“You want your company to be very approachable, have fast response times and provide accurate feedback so that your customers find you reliable and trustworthy. It is important you foster communication, and make it very clear how potential customers can reach out to you. I recommend having a phone number, live chat, email and social media messaging available for all demographics of your customers. For example, Undergrads have all of these communication tactics very clearly displayed on our website.”


22. Content Marketing 

“A great way to boost your brand is by doing contests on social media. Whether it’s a sweepstake, a photo contest, a quiz, an event, or even a giveaway this option will increase the promotion of your brand online. Using this marketing technique helps create a buzz around your community and will help you gain new customers, as well as engage with old customers. Contests are a great tool for marketing purposes, as they help you identify customer engagement, as well as gather information for market research.”


23. Retargeting Facebook Ads

“There are many methods for promoting your business. You can choose from several marketing methods, but one of the most effective ones is retargeting Facebook ads. This is the latest way to target specific customers on Facebook. It is a great way to increase the number of leads that you get, and it is one of the best ways to increase sales. This method is very effective because it allows you to target customers based on their interest in your products. With retargeting, you can choose your audience and create an ad specifically for them. Once they click on the ad, they will be directed to a website where they can check out your product or service.”


24. Giveaways

“The most important thing to remember when using giveaways is that it’s not a one-time deal. It’s a long term strategy. You should continue to offer freebies to your audience on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to keep offering things that people are interested in. When it comes to giveaway promotions, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to think about what your audience is interested in. Do they like to watch movies, listen to music, play video games, or read books? Next, you need to make sure that what you’re offering is relevant to what they’re interested in. And finally, you need to keep offering it. If you’re offering a free gift to people who sign up for your newsletter, you need to continue to send them those offers.”



25. Share your brand’s unique story

A branding strategy we implemented was beginning to release messages from our founders and employees. Using this method is a great way to showcase company culture. Sharing within the industry, establishing expertise on a given topic, educating the target audience about a particular subject, and making a human connection is where you will start to attract new potential employees and leads. By using these videos on our website, social media, and news feed, it’s helped increase brand awareness, and increase traffic to our blog and landing pages, along with increasing conversions on our website as a whole. Which has led to us being able to build trust and credibility for our brand when attracting genuine consumers that would like to learn about our products and talent that would like to work with us.



Promoting your business can ultimately do so much good for your company. It helps create more brand loyalty through your current customers, it helps increase traffic coming to your website, all while attracting new potential consumers and leaving people with a positive image of the brand. Business promotions keep you relevant and on the consumers’ mind all while competing with similar industries in the space. Invest in your business and watch it continue to grow.