20+ eCommerce Designs That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

Find out How to Increase Your Online Conversion Rate by Using These 20+ eCommerce Designs that are proven in their verticals. Get them here!

20+ eCommerce Designs That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate


Table of Content:

1. Tips on Boosting a Conversion Rate by Means of Your Design

2. Top 25 eCommerce Templates to Get Lots of New Customers

3. A Few Words in Conclusion


Do you want know the secret to increasing your conversion rate?

Do you want to know how lots of web design companies achieve higher conversions using design?


Before we jump in to these amazing design tips, you should remember one thing;

The right eCommerce design for your audience always plays a key role in converting your users.

Why? Because the right design convinces and converts your users before they leave.

So, are you ready to uncover the secret to eCommerce you’ve been waiting for?

Do you want your online-store to reach the pinnacle of success?

Of course you do, get ready as we dive into eCommerce web designs that will convert your visitors.

Tips on Boosting Conversion Rate by Means of Your Design

1. Make use of high-quality images with faces

It’s a little obvious to say that a face conveys expression better than just about anything.

A picture that depicts a happy human with a broad smile definitely draws lots of attention. Really what it’s doing is connecting with your consumer on a more personal level, creating a connection between users and your company. All you have to do is a simple browse through big brands instagram feeds to see just how important using real people to promote the brand is.

When you select pictures to show off your brand on the web, try to take advantage of unique pictures.

Stock images are easy to come by, but not a very good representation of your company culture or following. Take exciting photos and take advantage of the ‘happy faces’ associated with your brand and product offerings.

Take a look at some of these stellar website templates, and pay attention to how the designs utilize facial images.

using facial images to improve conversion rates

Source: https://www.pottermore.com/


2. Do not forget to make your website fully-responsive

By 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales.

Mobile Commerce, the two words that should ensure your website fully-responsive.

People use lots of devices in order to browse the Internet. Do you really want to lose customers because you chose to NOT keep up with technology?

If you’re not thinking about how your website layouts will adjust to different screen resolutions – you’re not thinking about your customer!

All of the templates included in this article are fully-responsive, making it just a little bit easier for you to get your store up and running the right way.

responsive web design

Source: https://www.webydo.com/


3. Introduce testimonials and reviews on your services

It is possible to make your website look credible and trustworthy.

Thanks to well-organized testimonials and reviews, people will be ready to place an order confidently. When someone sees positive reviews on different services or products, it removes barriers keeping them from purchasing.

Studies show nearly 70 percent of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase.

Proof of your professionalism = increased conversions.

Product reviews are 12-times more trusted than product descriptions and sales copy from manufacturers.

Think about that for a minute…

Aren’t you more likely to visit a restaurant that a friend has recommended?


4. Get familiar with a special content placement

Don’t be so surprised to realize, content placement is important!

If you have never heard about F-pattern, it’s time to get familiar with it.

When someone reads a page, he or she follows a specific pattern: from the top-left moving incrementally to the right and down. It’s a basic and essential principal to guide you on where to place your critical information.

content placement

Source: https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/

There is one more thing to keep in mind.

The attention of a user grows weak approaching the bottom of the page. Making use of strong images to break up the text, will allow your viewers to remain more engaged. This is where the Z-pattern comes into play.

z pattern

Source: https://uxplanet.org/


Another great design trick is using the rule of thirds.

Using a grid of nine square boxes helps you determine where to place the most important design elements. You will see this principle used in website design all the time.

rule of thirds
Source: https://www.elegantthemes.com/


5. Place a call-to-action button on your website

If you to improve the interaction between your visitors and your website, take advantage of the call-to-action button.

Using the rules of content placement mentioned above, incorporate simple and strong call to action buttons to motivate your customers to an action.

call to action buttons

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/


Here are a few more simple and direct website design tips to improve conversion rates:

6. Do not clutter your design with unnecessary elements – keep it simple

7. Remember about the power of negative (white) space

8. Choose colors that suit your brand

9. Make sure that your images, fonts, and colors work well together

10. Be unique!

Top 25 eCommerce Templates to Get Lots of New Customers

We have chosen 25 incredible eCommerce templates that are set up to improve conversion rates right out of the gate. These are already tested and proven to produce higher conversion, and will allow you to customize to your brand more quickly.

Let’s take a look at these eCommerce template now:

Haat – Minimalist Design WooCommerce Theme

Haat ecommerce template
Details |


Haat is a multi-purpose eCommerce theme set up more for fashion and design verticals. You can use it to show off your creative business, portfolio, and many other topics.

  • four homepage variations and five header styles;
  • featured, top-rated, and best-selling products;
  • a great multi-currency functionality.

BR Drink – Creative Alcohol Store Shopify Theme

shopify theme
Details |


BR Drink is a vibrant alcoholic beverage premium Shopify Themes that will certainly make your online-store become more popular.

Check out its dynamic features and see first hand how powerful it is:

  • banners, collection list, and gallery;
  • an excellent Instagram Feed;
  • a wonderful product carousel, slideshow, and blog articles.

Deco – Modern Interior Design OpenCart Template

deco open cart theme
Details |


If you want your interior design website to represent like an actual art-gallery, you need to take advantage of this theme. This is a stunning responsive design that comes packed with lots of options for a launch ready store.

  • add to compare and wishlist functionality;
  • product carousel and badges;
  • various pre-designed pages (privacy policy, delivery information, specials, gift certificates, and others).

Megamart – Minimalist Digital Store PrestaShop Theme

mega mart presta shop
Details |


Megamart is an innovative eCommerce solution that accommodates the sale of digital products. If you want to boost the conversion rate of your electronics store, don’t pass by this template.

  • product reviews and ratings;
  • an engaging Parallax scrolling, image zoom effect, and different transitions;
  • a powerful mega-menu, layered navigation, a quick view product.

m.a.l.l. – Amazing Clothing Store Shopify Theme

m.a.l.l. shopify theme
Details |


Shopify developers have put a lot of research into shopping experiences that convert. With the help of this awesome them, your store can convert sales with the best of them.

  • a fully-fledged collection catalog and multiple sorting options;
  • a great number of web forms and social options;
  • collection tabs and banners.

SushiExpress – Vibrant Restaurant PrestaShop Theme

sushi express theme
Details |


If you are an owner of the sushi-oriented restaurant, you may want to take a look at this theme. Restaurant and food related themes play heavily on image presentation – don’t screw yours up.

  • JX mega-menu, blog, search, and manufacturers block;
  • extra pages layouts;
  • a powerful multi-language functionality.

Slimmer – Excellent Shapewear WooCommerce Theme

slimmer theme woocommerce
Details |


If you’re selling womens shapewear, underwear, and lingerie – you definitely need to promote your brand with this visually-attractive template.

  • a stunning drag-and-drop builder;
  • a helpful theme color switcher;
  • some additional eye-catching page layouts.

RISE – Marvelous Food Store OpenCart Template

rise opencart theme
Details |


This modern theme works perfectly with a variety of different food venues. Coffee, wine, bakery, vegetables, fruits, and many other niches will get the most stylish look on the web.

  • featured, latest, special, and best-selling products;
  • a great sticky menu and mega-menu;
  • related product slider on the product detail page.

SuitUP – Stylish Multipurpose Online-Store Shopify Theme

suit up shopify theme
Details |


If you are looking for an example of universality and high-quality design, shoot a glance at this solution. Even if you’ve had an online store running, switching to this theme can breathe new life into your website with an uptick in conversion rate.

  • multiple listing layouts and blog articles;
  • featured products, collections list, and banners;
  • an eye-catching Instagram Feed and lookbook section.

Obeyed – Remarkable Pet Food WooCommerce Theme

obeyed woocommerce theme
Details |


Obeyed is an incredible theme designed to spread the word about high-quality pet food all over the world. Without a doubt, it will increase your sales within a few days.

  • a beautiful header with an amazing slider;
  • a full-width section for showing special discounts and offers;
  • a stunning testimonials section.


Rongcha – Bright Matcha WooCommerce Theme

rongcha woocommerce matcha theme

Details |


Like matcha itself this theme is clean and will keep your online presence healthy. Matcha is a nice looking attention grabber designed to convert visitors and packed with a LOT of admin options.

  • a feature-rich KingComposer Page Builder;
  • a unique Ajax functionality;
  • an opportunity to show off all needed information about your services.

Wedshop – Tender Wedding OpenCart Template

Details |


The perfect template for special occasions, Wedshop features a wide range of options to make your online-project stand out from the crowd.

  • a countless number of marvelous banners;
  • lots of stunning Google Fonts to choose from;
  • a great blog module included.

Biketoria- Innovative Bike Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Biketoria- Innovative Bike Shop Elementor WooCommerce Theme
Details |


Biketoria is a powerful theme that makes selling bikes online easy. It will provide you with a hassle-free process of website building.

  • five unusual blog layouts;
  • lots of magnificent bonus images;
  • WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist, Ajax Filter, and Quick View.

Meeow – Stunning Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Meeow - Stunning Pet Shop Shopify Theme
Details |


Meeow is a cute template that makes it possible to concentrate both loveliness and profit on the website. Make people adore your online-store using this eye-catching template.

  • various smooth animations;
  • add to compare and wishlist functionality;
  • multiple social options.

Jewellry – Sophisticated Jewelry WooCommerce Theme

Jewellry - Sophisticated Jewelry WooCommerce Theme
Details |


If you are looking for a template suitable for an online-presentation of fashionable accessories, make use of this wonderful theme.

  • unlimited color options;
  • a powerful product quick view;
  • a remarkable mega-menu and sticky menu.

Hookah – Unusual Hookah Bar Magento Theme

Hookah - Unusual Hookah Bar Magento Theme
Details |


Hookah is an unforgettable template that will assist you in launching a professional hookah or tobacco online-store. It will take you nothing to introduce your products at their best.

  • an extraordinary AMP-functionality that makes pages be loaded in a flash;
  • Ajax compare, wishlist, and catalog;
  • shop by brand, promo banner, catalog image grid, and sorting options.

Elaxo – Vivid Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Elaxo - Vivid Fashion WooCommerce Theme
Details |


Elaxo is a fashionable theme that will impress your imagination with a fresh and modern design. It also comes pre-loaded with a large number of fully-functional features.

  • a powerful Ajax cart and wishlist;
  • Google Fonts, Instagram Feed, and contact form;
  • a useful video and audio support.

Ezone – Distinctive Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Ezone - Distinctive Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme
Details |


A multi-concept template that can be used to show off different business-niches in the best possible light. Take advantage of this good-looking theme in order to hit the target.

  • unlimited customization options (header, footer, logo, buttons, menu, and others);
  • an impressive smooth scroll;
  • a wonderful carousel and contact form.

Actiquer – Trendy Fashion WooCommerce Theme

Actiquer - Trendy Fashion WooCommerce Theme
Details |


A great template that has a striking balance between an eye-catching design and no less attractive functionality. Without a doubt, it will be impossible not to enjoy your remarkable online-store.

  • a bunch of excellent Google Fonts and color variations;
  • an easy shopping-cart dropdown on the header;
  • unlimited sliders and banners.

Gemstonic – Exquisite Jewelry Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Gemstonic - Exquisite Jewelry Elementor WooCommerce Theme
Details |


Gemstonic is a brilliant template that will make it possible to shine bright like a diamond on the web. It has a feminine design that will capture the attention of various users.

  • a collection of engaging pre-made pages;
  • seven header and three footer variants;
  • a useful WordPress Live Customizer.

Paletto – Shining Cosmetic Store Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Paletto - Shining Cosmetic Store Elementor WooCommerce Theme
Details |


An inspirational template that will allow you to create a sophisticated cosmetics store on the Internet. Make your website splash with colors using this out-of-the-ordinary solution.

  • five outstanding blog layouts;
  • WooCommerce Quick View, Ajax Filter, Compare, and Wishlist;
  • lots of powerful plugins to enrich your website with.

Smoke – Impressive Smoke Pipe Store WooCommerce Theme

Smoke - Impressive Smoke Pipe Store WooCommerce Theme
Details |


A minimalist template that comes as a combination of the creative design and powerful options. In order to get a great website ready, you just need to use this classy theme.

  • different social sharing features;
  • an amazing mega-menu and vertical menu;
  • an excellent Ajax functionality (that includes Add To Cart, Wishlist, and Compare).

Wedding Collection – Splendid Wedding Store OpenCart Template

Wedding Collection - Splendid Wedding Store OpenCart Template
Details |


A website connected with a wedding topic should have a tender and soft look. This attractive theme definitely looks like a great option to build a wedding online-store.

  • a helpful multi-currency and multi-language functionality;
  • a flow of excellent banners and sliders;
  • an impressive product quick view, wishlist, and comparison.

Street Food – Cool Cafe OpenCart Template

Street Food - Cool Cafe OpenCart Template
Details |


It doesn’t matter what kind of food you want to sell on the web. This top-notch template will make it possible to attract everyone’s attention to your food website.

  • modern Google Web Fonts integrated;
  • a powerful newsletter subscription module;
  • a great related product slider on the product detail page and image rollover effect.

Gym Club – Great Sports PrestaShop Theme

Gym Club - Great Sports PrestaShop Theme
Details |


If you want to assure people of keeping their bodies fit and strong, express your opinion using this nifty theme.

  • multiple effects, transitions, and animations (including a Parallax effect);
  • product slider, block, and labels;
  • a wonderful social block and social share buttons.

I hope you will be able to put these simple web design secrets and awesome eCommerce templates to use on your own site for increased conversions.

Just make use of these easy tips to keep people on your website longer.

Thanks for reading!