12 Must-Have Online Content Marketing Resources 

Develop exceptional content marketing strategies and craft exemplary content with these Must Have online content marketing resources, click here.

12 Must-Have Online Content Marketing Resources 

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Content Marketing is one of the most potent formats of digital marketing. Using articulate words, intriguing images and engaging videos, content marketers try to connect, impress and convert the masses. 

In this age of aggressive online marketing, content marketing creates many buzzes, primarily because of its cost-effectiveness, immense potential and extensive reach.

Effective content should:

  • Be educative 
  • Target towards generating more conversions
  • Deliver value in the best possible manner 
  • Be original and creative
  • Showcase strengths and achievements
  • Be search engine optimized
  • Be thought-provoking and engaging

The above traits are the highlights of any good content and garner praise from consumers & marketing professionals alike. However, developing such content is no walk in the park. 

Fortunately, technology offers excellent remedies for content marketers struggling to develop awesome content. A plethora of resources, from e-books to online platforms, is available to help marketers develop excellent content and devise acute content marketing strategies. 

Let’s take a look at 12 handy online content marketing resources to help you craft exemplary content.


12 Great Resources For Content Marketers


Coschedule is an online content platform that offers a robust and feature-rich suite for different marketing purposes. It combines many functions in a single software and allows a marketer to perform varied marketing-related tasks with ease. 


Source: www.coschedule.com 

Setting up roadmaps, scheduling marketing campaigns, creating content, carrying out data analytics, managing team tasks, publishing content, storing assets – Coschedule offers a central hub for doing everything related to content marketing.


The world’s leading search engine offers a resourceful option to find out the Web’s most trending searches. Google Trends is a handy resource to seek out the latest trending topics by geographical region, demographics, industry and a variety of other metrics. 

  • Search for trending subject to craft your content around.
  • Learn all about the popular search terms relevant to the promotions and industry 
  • Do comparative keyword research and discover similar queries to utilize the trending searches on Google. 


Source: www.contentwriters.com 


Google Trends can be a big help for students and professional essay writers too. If you are wondering “On what topic will I write my essay on?” the platform is THE place to search for trending topics.


Find out the kind of content trending in your industry and learn what your competition is writing about using BuzzSumo. 

  • Collaborate with millions of influencers, learn the kind of content that converts and the ones that fail miserably using BuzzSumo’s in-depth & exhaustive research. 
  • The content marketing platform offers insightful analytics and feedback and helps businesses connect with influencers, industry leaders. 


Source: www.buzzsumo.com 


  • BuzzSumo also offers other functionalities such as content alerts, competitor tracking, feedback monitoring & analysis, and showcasing a list of the most popular & top-performing content. Marketers, managers, freelancers and professional essay writers – this tool comes in handy for all.
  • The software suite allows marketers to track content impressions, get notifications about your most successful backlinks and follow the latest keywords, topics and brands relevant to their business or industry.  
  • BuzzSumo crawls the Web to gather information about the most popular content in any niche.


Did you always yearn for a management system that helps you organize things and brainstorm for your content better? Well, EverNote is the ultimate repository for storing ideas and brainstorming. The application allows for easy sharing of thoughts & ideas, enabling marketers to collaborate closely with their teams. 


Source: www.evernote.com 

EverNote allows instantaneous synchronization of content, pdfs, documents, etc., across multiple devices. The tool offers several formatting tools that you can use to express content in your way. It integrates with different apps and helps marketers create and share ideas through imagery, videos, audio & text.

Not just content marketers, but EverNote is popular amongst professional and for-hire freelance essay writers too.


Writing quality content requires dedication and rapt attention. Calmly Writer is the perfect writing assistant for content marketers, essay writers and the likes to eliminate distractions.  The application offers a seamless and focused work environment to help content writers work in an unobtrusive and easy to use interface. 

Source: www.calmlywriter.com 

  • The tool offers a specific mode called the focus mode, which focuses on what they are writing by making other distracting options disappear from the user interface.
  • Formatting tools, auto-save features, and customizable themes make the tool an excellent writing assistant for content marketers.


  • Hubspot’s Free Buyer Persona Creation Kit

Any content marketer must be aware of varied buyer personas. Customizing existing content and crafting tailor-made content becomes more comfortable when you have fictitious representations of your customers in your head and a solid idea about their behavioral patterns, motivations & goals of the targeted demographics. 


Source: www.hubspot.com 

HubSpot offers an excellent resource for content marketers to craft their buyer personas. A 25-page slide deck to design your persona templates and that too free of cost, this is a resource that no content marketer can afford to miss.


  • Developing a Content Strategy: Start-To-Finish Guide

It’s Hubspot again that brings you an excellent guide to design your very own content development & marketing strategy from scratch. 

  • Learn how to identify different buyer personas and tailor content accordingly.
  • Find out about the different types of online content such as blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, etc.
  • Know the industry best practices to engage with a mass or niche audience. 

This guide is an excellent resource for novice content writers and acts as an excellent reference for the overwhelmed marketing professionals.


Developing the right kind of content that ticks all the correct requirements is a team effort. Trello is the perfect team management software platform to do just that. 

Source: www.trello.com 

The platform allows marketers to share, collaborate and communicate seamlessly with their teammates using whiteboards, lists, cards and much more. Discuss strategies, organize projects and carry out meetings with the tool’s built-in workplace automation and simple layout that’s flexible enough to suit different kinds of team requirements. 


Formulating and improving a sales funnel is vital for any brand looking to further drive their conversion rates. Sales funneling goes beyond simple lead generation and involves nurturing to steer them towards conversion. 

Source: www.clickfunnels.com 


Learn more about your customer’s buying journey using ClickFunnels and design targeted content that connects with them without fail.

  • Design a sales funnel in a few minutes using the tool’s drag and drop feature. 
  • Start converting within a few minutes using built-in templates.
  • A/B Testing, Sales Funnels, Hangout Funnels, Email Integrations, Membership funnels – choose from an array of features to learn more about your audience’s mindset.


Design captivating content from the ground up with this inspiring & stunning article. Find out the essential constituents of every content and repurpose your content as per your needs. Atomize old successful content valued content with help from this excellent article. 

Source: www.linkedin.com 


Find out trending content on Twitter and learn how to maximize your content’s reach & experience using Tweroid. 

  • The tool offers functionalities to help you figure out the best time to tweet your content, which guarantees impression & engagement.
  • Determine the peak time for engaging with your audience and track all replies & retweets.


Here’s another handy resource for content marketers to help them visualize relevant queries. Just type in a keyword, and the tool will display accurate & informative visualizations for the different kinds of queries pertinent to your keywords. 

For example, if you search for “content marketing strategy”, it will display the different types of queries that may pop across search engines and social media.


Those were some handy online content marketing resources that can help content marketers develop compelling content, design decisive strategies and drive more conversions. Use the above tools and platforms to boost engagement and propel your business to success with charismatic content!

All the best!