11 Killer Instagram Story Ideas To Boost Your Followers

Instagram is the perfect platform to gain reach and engage followers, especially with the right Instagram Story Ideas.

Instagram Story Ideas

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Instagram stories is one of the hottest social marketing trends. With great Instagram story ideas you can create endless stories that capture many eyeballs and build a strong relationship with your followers. 


Aside from building brand awareness, there are other benefits to using Instagram stories like; building revenue. While most businesses turn to social marketing in order to boost brand recognition, why not kill two birds with one stone? Engaging Instagram Story ideas can help your business earn money just with the effort you’re already putting in to marketing on the platform. 

Top influencers make thousands of dollars per sponsored post. Keep in mind that it takes a long time and a lot of hard work and talent to get to this point. It’s attainable for sure, but make sure you manage your expectations if you choose this route. ~ Source: Oberlo


Instagram stories are only available for 24 hours, afterward they automatically disappear. You can also have the highlight option to save your important stories that appear below your Instagram profile.  


In this post, we’re going to highlight 11 engaging and funny Instagram story ideas to help you get more reach!

1. Create Behind The Scenes Video

An Instagram story with behind the scene videos helps show your brand operator, and it creates a high level of transparency and trust. It is the best part of your content strategy that gives your followers a great look at your industry, working culture, employees, and the services you provide. 


For example, an interior design brand gives a behind the scene look of their recent Instagram photo. They also shared the completed photo to encourage their followers to interact with their stories. 

2. Instagram Story Takeover 

An Instagram story takeover is the process of taking over someone else’s stories temporarily and promoting content with their fans and followers. It is a most engaging and fun way to promote your brand and provide some interesting content for your audience. 


Using this strategy, you can work with various creators and influencers who are relevant to your industry and promote your brand and product to their potential customers. But, make sure to keep in mind you should choose the right person to do a story takeover. Finding who your target market is and what their needs and interests are. 

3. Upload Instagram Post 

Instagram stories are a great opportunity to share your regular posts with all your fans and followers. After posting your content on stories, you can’t figure out what posts your followers will see, but your story followers can see once you upload a new story. 


Just pick a screenshot of your regular post and simply post that image as your stories feed. Instagram stories appear at the top of your Instagram home feed, so people can easily find your stories and watch them. 

4. Create Shoppable Story 


In 2019, Instagram stories offered a shoppable story sticker for users to get effective outcomes. This sticker allows marketers, business, and influencers to directly sell their products and services to their followers and potential customers. Without having the swipe up feature, customers can navigate your website from the app. 


To access Instagram shoppable stickers, you must have an Instagram business profile and sell a physical product that satisfies Instagram terms and conditions. If you own a business looking to drive your traffic, you can post Instagram shopping stories to engage your viewers to purchase products and increase your engagement level. 

5. Make Use Of Instagram Live 

Instagram live is a great feature to directly connect with your friends and followers and interact with your audience. When you go live on Instagram, your profile picture will appear on the Instagram feed with a colorful ring. 


Live feature allows you to ask questions to your viewers, comment on your audience questions and give a real time engagement. When you go live on Instagram, your audience will get a notification to participate with your live stream. 


An Instagram live stream is a great feature to enhance your engagement, and when you complete the live video, it will directly appear on your Instagram story feed. And, it allows users who missed your live session to check the video and watch it later. 

6. Utilize Instagram Story Highlights


Similar to WhatsApp status, Instagram stories are built on the concept that it disappears after 24 hours. But, the story features help you to show one of your content to a massive audience and get maximum reach & growth. 


Additionally, Instagram introduced a great feature called story highlights, which helps to make your stories more and more popular on the Instagram feed. Story highlights offer a great opportunity for you to add Instagram views for your stories and get new followers to your profile page. 


To add exciting stories to Instagram highlights; 


  • Click your Instagram profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. 
  • Select the archive option. 
  • Open the story you like to add on highlights. 
  • Click highlight option->choose to create one or current highlight option to highlight your Instagram story. 

7. Use Poll Stickers

Instagram offers a poll sticker for users to add to their stories. Polls are a fantastic way to build brand awareness and engage your audience. You can get positive feedback from your followers by using Instagram’s poll feature. 

An Instagram poll is an interactive sticker, and you can use it in your Instagram stories to ask questions with relevant options to get your audience’s vote. Adding polls to your stories can, 


  • Increase your follower’s attention and interaction
  • Gain real-time feedback
  • Boost audience engagement 
  • Understand your follower’s interests

8. Promote Contests & Giveaways


If you want to uplift your engagement rate, you can promote contests and giveaways for your followers. The prize you can decide is anything from a free trial of your products and services that is based on your products. 


With Instagram contests and giveaways, you can engage your followers to participate in it. Here are few ideas to create winning Instagram contests and giveaways: 


  • Use branded hashtags
  • Like your posts
  • Engage people to DM your Instagram story/post
  • Tag someone in the comment section
  • Share your Instagram story/post 

9. Show Before & After Videos 


On Instagram, before and after videos help to show the before look and the final product. There are huge opportunities available on Instagram to create before and after videos. Here are some best ideas to create a before and after video: 


  • Make before and after videos of your company. 
  • Capture a photo/video for your face before and after using the makeup kit. 
  • Before and after videos of your cooking. 

10. Share Quotes 


Quotes are one of the most engaging ways to attract your audiences, and they will increase your discoverability. Whether it is motivational or funny quotes, you can add them to your Instagram stories. 


When you promote your brand on Instagram stories, you can add engaging and interesting quotes with hashtags that are relevant to your brand. For example, posting a motivational quote in the daily morning with the hashtag #morningmotivation will capture your audience’s attention and gain new followers to your profile page. 

11. Teach Your Followers 


Using Instagram stories to teach something interesting and valuable is one of the powerful strategies to get high-level engagement and get featured on the Instagram explore page. Instagram is not only the best social media platform for entertaining your audience, and it is the perfect place to teach your audience something new and informative.


Nowadays, many people use different social media platforms to learn huge amounts of information and improve their skills & knowledge. You can use Instagram stories to teach about anything to your followers in just 15-second clips. 



As you can see, Instagram story ideas can provide endless opportunities for users to build a strong relationship with their followers and receive massive engagement. You can use Instagram stories ideas in different ways to create killer videos and go viral on the Instagram app.