Top 10 Creative Graphic Design Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2021 For Inspiration

Check out the top 10 creative graphic design blogs that will boost inspiration and help you stay on the top of the game right away!


Creative Graphic Design Blogs

Undeniably, graphic designing skills lead to outstanding UI designs.

The significance and principles of brilliant designs are timeless. However, if you are a graphic designer, you can find yourself reaching out for something more inspired and innovative.

Unique graphic design blogs are an incredible resource for UX designers, regardless of whether you are just starting out in this field of study, an experienced designer keeping a vigilant eye on the state of the industry, or merely starting to explore the possibilities of becoming a kickass graphic designer in the near future. 

Checking the wonderful creative graphic design blogs and reading about new topics regularly will also splash you with a zesty juice of inspiration when you seem to hit the brick wall. 

However, the only problem there is that are innumerable graphic design blogs out there, and all of them are screaming for your attention at the same time. It is considered that there are more than 440 million blogs worldwide, and 2 million blog posts are crafted every day. Fortunately, not all of them are focused on graphic designing, but you do get the idea, right? 

Here we come in. To save you from sifting through the rough to find diamonds, we have put together the best 10 graphic design blogs that can spark your design vision and get started. 


A Comprehensive List Of Creative Graphic Designing Blogs Worth Following


1. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq

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The first on our extensive list is the Creative Bloq. It is a spectacular graphic design blog that makes sure to cover all areas of graphic design, ranging from 3D art and illustration to animation and motion. 

If you are in search of creative and artistic inspiration, you can also take a close look at the decent collection of varied artworks readily available for your perusal. What we seem to like about this blog is the wonderful fact that it also incorporates numerous free materials and resources that can help you develop and hone your designing skills on an everyday basis. 



2. Canva’s Design School 

Canva’s Design School

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You may have come across or heard about the Canva’s Design School due to its sheer popularity for free design tutorials. But, they also recently crafted a blog to connect and serve the creative community. Ranging from guides, designing spectacular book covers to smart 404-page designs, you can lay your hands on a wealth of inspiration. What more, you also get to learn from eminent graphic designers or connect with up-and-coming artists all in one place! 



3. Made By Folk

Made By Folk

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Made by Folk is a remarkable graphic design blog put together by a group of brilliant artists, illustrators, and programmers who desired a space to share their favorite artwork. It’s the kind of graphic design blog that any experienced or budding designers must have in their laptop bookmarks. 


This splendid blog features numerous design categories like ‘Typographic’, ‘Graphic’, ‘Screen Prints’, and more. It’s worth considering if you aim to keep up with design trends throughout the world and to get inspiration for new UI designs. However, instead of speaking through words, they prefer to let their graphic design prints do most of the talking. 


4. The Inspiration Grid

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The name says it all, really. The amazing blog is a brilliant grid of design projects and inspiring images ranging all over the place in aesthetics and even industry. All you need to do is click on the image you like, and it opens the realms of the rest of the magical series that specific designers created. If you are someone who is deep into mood boards or exploring numerous styles showcased in a single place, then no sooner than you imagine, you will fall in love with The Inspiration Grid.  


5. Adobe Create Magazine 

Image Source: Adobe

It will be a huge mistake if we do not include the blog of the mother tool of every graphic designer around the world in this comprehensive list. 


Yes, you heard it right. From the geniuses who created Photoshop, Illustrator, and other master creation tools, Adobe has brought for you ‘the Adobe Create Magazine.’ It is an up-to-date resource center for aspiring and creative designers. One of the best ways to master this essential tool is to get guidance and advice from the source itself. Their content incorporates professional advice, unique video tutorials about design, live streams, interactive challenges, and highly informative articles that will surely help out the talented graphic designers. 


6. UC Creative 

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 In the words of prolific graphic designing essay writers, if one is in search of relevant and inspiring reads, then they should consider visiting the blogs of UC Creative. This blog site takes on the top trends of the industry and includes them in blog articles, making them almost timeless. They evaluate  pop culture through the eyes of a graphic designer and craft incredibly cool blogs that will bound you to shake your head in agreement. 


7. The Design Blog 

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If you have been long in search of visual inspiration, then ‘The Design Blog’ is the most outstanding place to go. Established by designer Ena Bacanovic, a Croatia-based designer, the site provides the readers with a diverse collection of work from design studios around the globe. 


What caught our interest is the huge emphasis it places on the young graphic designers out there, offering them a medium through which they can exhibit their works. Everything on this wonderful sigte has been laid succinctly in specific categories, from digital designs to sticker categories. This makes it extremely easy for the readers to discover and navigate to other niche categories. 

8. Typeroom

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If you are in search of some incredible font inspiration, then the best place to go is –the Typeroom. It does exactly what it says on the label- “Glorifying, Eclectic Typography”. It sought out to offer its readers limitless inspirations for numerous font layouts. They also offer sureshot tips for accomplishing the perfect aesthetic and hierarchy with great fonts. 


One of the most remarkable aspects of this graphic design blog is that it offers eye-captivating inspiration while, at the same time, demonstrating to its readers how certain design problems can be tackled solely by using the correct font alone.  


9. Creative Nerds Blog 

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The second last handpicked blog on our list is a fantastic online graphic design blog that provides news, freebies tutorials, and inspirations to designers worldwide. The name itself suggests that it is a unique site for creative designers and those who desire to join the wonderful community of graphic designers to share their remarkable ideas. 


10. Abduzeedo 

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Abduzeedo can be your gig if you are searching for a highly visual graphic design blog for inspiration. This blog includes prolific individual writers who post in their respective design fields, like photography, UX, and graphic design. Furthermore, you can also find posts on specialty fields like typography.


What’s more interesting is that this unique graphic design blog gives special importance to 3D design works, which is still not such a common theme on most design blogs nowadays. It’s also a brilliant place for illustrator and photoshop enthusiasts of all varying levels. 


Wrapping Up, 

As you can see there, remains no dearth of design inspirations or amazing resources that will help you flex your creative muscles. Be sure to learn new tricks, watch remarkable tutorials, or share your work on any of these exemplary blogs at your fingertips. 

Additionally, observing the latest trends and tracking the best graphic design blogs will help you develop inspiring skills, broaden your horizons, and help you push the limits of your possibilities. 

Start visiting these sites today, and you’ll never need to look for creative inspiration again. However, if you are looking for other blogs to check out, I’m just throwing out this idea… how about the Pixel blog, for awesome insight on design for engagement marketing.