10 Best Error 404 Page Texts: Turn Lost Visitors Into Customers

Error 404 pages are hit more often than you can imagine, learn how to turn lost visitors into customers with the best error 404 page texts.

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Oh, God! What a cute 404 error! 

Nope, I am not nuts! Today’s web page creators think of everything. They make even errors enjoyable. The most famous error 404 pages are becoming so unique that people actively search them out just for entertainment.

Whether you think about it or not, you see 404 pages quite often.

What does it actually indicate?

Error 404 means you can connect with the server, but the server can not find the desired landing page. If you’ve ever wondered whether landing page design matters or not, your error 404 page is a perfect example of how it can be. We’re going to examine this a bit further down in the post.


What would the average user do who faces error 404?

Of course, he will close the page and search for another option. But instead of losing potential customers, can we persuade them to visit another page of your website or have we lost them for good?

Don’t worry! We’re going to show you some great examples of error 404 pages that actually convert lost visitors into actual customers. Be creative and attract even more visitors with an outstanding 404 error page. 


#1 Lego

What else, if not a lego, could be on the 404 error page of the lego selling company? This small creature will bring a smile to the customers’ faces, and they would hardly close the page after seeing it. Instead, they might go on and continue their shopping. This small trick will make a real customer from a lost visitor and is worthy of trying out!


#2 Pixar

Awww, don’t cry! Please!!!! Don’t cry! It is just a 404 error! The creativity of Pixar is off the charts. Honestly, I would spend hours in their error pages merely to see a brand new 404 error picture. Even their errors are with quality. However, you don’t need to react to page mistakes like our small friend. Life is still awesome, and you can go on to discover more on their page.


#3 Canva

Canva knows how the search works and how to provide a good customer experience. To entertain their lost customers, they created an engaging puzzle game on their error 404 pages. If the customer has time to play, it is definitely worth it. Important to mention that the game puzzles never stay the same, and you will experience a new one once you visit a Canva error 404 page.


#4 Purée Maison

Is it compulsory to show a photo on the error-404 page?

No, of course. No one limits you to be unique. Create a gif or a short video like Puree Maison company to engage the visitors when they are lost in your webpage. Short videos are considered to be more catching than anything else on the internet. Uploading more videos on your pages will bring you only benefits.  Send your message and create fun with one video. The visitors will value your efforts and discover what else is there on the website.


#5 CloudSigma

Who is responsible for the mistake?

If you don’t find anyone else, then blame the junior developers because only newcomers are guilty for 404 error pages. And we all understand that new devs make a lot of mistakes. As we see, the company puts every effort to inject some humor into their page. Let’s not hide that they succeeded in their attempts.


#6 Kualo

The page hasn’t been found? Don’t worry! Let’s play!

Kualo company has been in business for over 15 years. It turns out, you can entertain your visitors even with an error page. If you play the game and manage to score over 1000 points, you can earn a discount on your hosting deal! 

This example inspired the Pointe Pest Control company, which understands how frustrating it is to face error 404 pages. That’s why they created an interactive game page for the visitors, converting them from lost users into faithful customers.


#7  Whitespark

Be responsible for your website and its performance. Accept that the errors are your fault. Your visitor should not feel guilty for your website’s poor performance. Make fun even in the worst situation. Humor will save the moment. Whitespark company put the page creator’s picture, asking the kings (customer is the king, I hope you remember) to fire or not? Of course, they won’t do such a thing, but it creates a funny communication between the company and the customers.

#8 Waaark

Till now, you have seen several amazing error pages with videos and pictures, but human creativity never dies. It is time to experience some audio materials. Waaark uses a robotic voice to entertain his lost customers. The robot makes jokes and explains that the visitor is not on the right page. He does his job better than a human being could. The creators of this are really awesome. I love that!


#9 eBay 

Finally, someone visited your page in the long run. Should the error page disturb you to reach your goal and make a purchase? Of course, not! You can add keyword-optimized text to the 404 page or squeeze the most of your website as the eBay website did by offering its products. Shopping lovers won’t even notice that the page hasn’t been found: they will continue to examine the products displayed on their screens. A clever trick, to make money from literally nowhere, isn’t it true?


#10 BluePath

Atlanta-based data strategy consulting company doesn’t stay back from trends. They demonstrate the map of Atlanta with reported crimes, telling it is a crime that we haven’t hired them yet. The tiny spot next to the chart hints to us that we are way off the map. Well, they are pretty witty: let’s appreciate it.



Successful business people always find ways in the most critical situations and shine with their bright thoughts. Sure, the internet is loaded with millions of error 404 pages, but not all of them are as astonishing as these few samples. Your website might also have such problems.  If you failed to redirect Error 404 pages, you still know how to handle them.