27 10, 2014

Tips For Creating An Impactful Sales Sheet

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A well-thought-out sales sheet is an important marketing tool for introducing your new products to potential buyers. Think of a sales sheet as a polished, concise, and compelling sales pitch. With the right information, a sales sheet can be more effective in drumming up interest and pre-orders than costly prototypes – allowing you to […]
20 10, 2014

Top 20 Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Website SEO

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In order to ensure that you get steady rankings, or climb those rankings, you have to continuously nurture your SEO strategies for your e-commerce website. Ya, like you didn’t have enough on your plate already… Well, let’s take a look at 20 ways in which you can improve on your Ecommerce SEO anyway: 1. Separate […]
15 10, 2014

How To Use Your Blog For Ecommerce?

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Ecommerce may be based on sales but it’s important to remember that even online businesses require a little customer service, and using a blog is a great way to interact with your customer base. Your product landing pages are where you put your detailed information to help persuade the buyer, but your blog is […]
13 10, 2014

3 Tips to Optimize Online Business before the Holiday Shopping Frenzy

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Cyber Monday sales for 2013 were up 18.4 percent from the previous year and set a new single day sales record of $1.7 billion, according to comScore. Black Friday 2013 saw $1.2 billion in online sales and total holiday spending also broke a record at $46.5 billion. E-commerce retailers that make the shopping experience as […]
3 10, 2014

How Can I Market My Website On A Limited Budget?

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We all know the benefits that a good marketing campaign can have on your growing business, but many small businesses have a hard time funding the type of campaign that is going to get their business noticed. Many small businesses want to know, “how can I market my business or website on a limited […]
27 09, 2014

Be A Pro and Learn The Art of Good Hooking

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We all want to be better hookers, right? Whoops, I just realized that may have read wrong… I meant “Let’s look at the art of creating effective hooks for your audience.” You may have noticed, but there is a lot of competition out there. It is seriously rough for a new business to make it’s […]
22 09, 2014

5 Keys To Building A Killer Brand

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Whether you’re a new company or a business that is on the verge of reinvention, it can be a difficult process to become recognized as a brand. Fortunately, there are a few keys to success when it comes to effectively building your company’s value to create a brand that consumers want to be affiliated […]
19 09, 2014

How Online Business Owners Can Improve Customer Service

By |September 19th, 2014|Small Business Tips|0 Comments

Have you ever shrugged off an irritating client? Maybe the client wasn’t even irritating, it was just that you became overwhelmed by the daily tasks of running your business. In the online world it can be pretty easy to let this happen, God knows I’ve been guilty of it and when a client calls […]
16 09, 2014

Open House: Come Meet the Team!

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Open House Hosted by Pixel Productions, Inc. on FridaySeptember 26th, 2014Pixel Productions, Inc. is located in Medford, but their business is perhaps less knownlocally than to businesses outside of Southern Oregon. In a move to gain local visibility,Pixel has purchased an office building for their boutique design agency. Local businessowners and entrepreneurs are invited […]
9 09, 2014

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Website Design Agency

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Your business’ online presence is one of the most essential ingredients in establishing your identity. Therefor, it is crucial that you give serious consideration to not only your website’s design and development, but the team that is going to help you accomplish it successfully. When you trust this responsibility to a website design agency […]